Wisseloord Studio, Hilversum, Netherlands - June 18, 2002

A great recap by Brigitte (Loislane79)

Ok, where shall I begin.
I just got home from the secret showcase! It’s 22.24 now (10.24pm) and it was amazing!
It took Andre and me some time to find the studios. It ended up to be at the Universal Music building where there are some tiny studios located behind. The Rolling Stones recorded there the album Black & Blue (I didn’t know that but Sheryl told us). When we first drove up to the parkinglot we saw a blinded taxibus looking for a spot. That must be Sheryl we thought, cause we knew the radiostation would interview her around 6pm. We almost hit it. I was so nervous I couldn’t help laughing, my stomach muscles still hurt from laughing so much today.
But it appeared later that Sheryl already had been in the studios before and that some people from the musicchannel TMF were in that bus. We left again to get some dinner, pizza.

It took Jan and Stefan even longer to get there. He had difficulties with the pronouncing of the dutch streetnames and I didn’t remember how we ended up there either (I’m a typical woman, I suck in orientation..lol) so I got some guy at the restaurant at the studio explain it to him on the phone. It ended up to be the recorder of the concert I found out later.
They made it in time for the concert, proudly wearing their (yet unsigned) forum t-shirt. We talked to some other fans, noticed the leadsinger of a well-known dutch band called Van Dik Hout (made of thick wood), had some free drinks, and they announced to us that Sheryl would do an autograph session before the concert. Andre and I brought our guitars to have them signed. Are we psychic or what? Lol…

Ok they told us we could go into the studio. The stage was just about maybe 6 feet deep, some more feet wide. And only a few inches high. No special lighting just spotlights, you will see in the pictures. There were barstools on the stage (you hardly could call it a stage really) one amp, some monitors and three mikes. No drums. This is going to be UNPLUGGED, it rushed through my mind.

We were only allowed to make pictures during the first song. They told us that we had to move back a bit, away from the stage. I myself thought I was standing too close also, that would be too weird. I almost was on Sheryl’s lap then. We would be breathing eachothers oxygen and I wouldn’t know where to look. The studio was not filled up completely with the audience, so everyone could have a great view. There were some camerapeople also, I asked which station and which program and when they were going to broadcast it. (This friday, RTL4 (can be received through Astra Satellite in the UK and in France I think, RTL Boulevard , 6.30pm). They only taped the first song and then they would be out of our way they said.

And then Sheryl and Tim, Peter and the spare drummer (forgot his name really) came in! Again I thought “she’s so tiny” in Munich I couldn’t see very well because the stage was higher, but now it got noticed even more.
She was almost right in front of me, I could look Peter right in the eye. He knodded to me one time pointing at the forum t-shirt, I think. Sheryl looked great, wearing a squared sleeveless dress/top and a black capri (? Do you know that in the States, just passed your knees?) pants and open sandals with enourmous platform soles (those sixty/seventy style ones. (the Sheryl Crow feet fetishts must love this!) She must be even smaller because of the heels I realised.
Peter was wearing a red and white squared shirt and flared blue jeans and Tim was wearing a squared blue Diesel shirt (my brother has the same one, only in parrot green!) and blue jeans. They must have been shopping in Amsterdam…lol. The ‘drummer’ didn’t look that interesting, it was like he didn’t fit in the band. But he was good with his tambourines and shakers.

“Tell me something about you” Sheryl said. I took some beer so I lost my nerves and yelled: “We like you!” “Oh well that’s good she said”. She told us that this studio had quite some history. “The Stones recorded their Black & Blue album here I think, do you know that.” Marijn (TDHS) yelled: “That’s before our time”. Tim: “Well then you should do some homework”. Laughs. Sheryl said something about the weird sound she was getting. “This is going to be on the radio? Is that what I’m hearing?”

Andre: “Where is Jim?” Sheryl: “Well what shall we say about that? Hmmm…. He just had a baby…”, laughs. Tim: “And it was HELL”. Laughs.

Onto Steve McQueen. Sheryl and Tim on acoustic, Peter on electric (I think..). It sounded great. I was singing along and Sheryl noticed that. But other people around me were singing as well.
Tim said that he liked the Amsterdam breakfast… I really wouldn’t know what that would be to be honest. French breakfast maybe? Croissants? Really our breakfast isn’t that special.
Sheryl said that they had some great curry earlier. (We saw the plates they brought back from the studio before we went in). “And I’m breathing it again with every song…..” Aw, give that girl some medicine… They talked about the extremely hot weather (hottest temperature was measured in the east of the country, broke the record of 1969 on the same day) also.

Soak Up The Sun, that song really rocked this time. Half way Sheryl asked us to clap the rhythm and we all did, they were laughing, I think the whole band enjoyed it. I was getting shivers cause it sounded so good!

Sheryl asked us what we had to do to go to this concert. “Run naked”, I yelled, but she didn’t understand it. “Huh what? Oh well”. The audience laughed though. (I’m so bad in pronouncing a clear “R”. In my so called ‘dialect’ we swallow the “r”, so she probably heard ‘un naked’…lol)

C’mon C’mon was the next song. Peter looked a bit tired during this song, he was playing the 12th stringguitar and I think it was a bit difficult for him? With the heat and all.
The ‘drummer’ made an extra shake with his shaker during the end of the song (not intended) and Sheryl looked behind her and laughed at him, he made an ‘oops’ face back at her.

If It Makes You Happy was the next song. Also great. I don’t remember what it sounded like exactly but with all the songs they had some different endings, really awesome.

They thanked us all for coming. “If you wouldn’t be here, we would have played for no one”, Sheryl said.
Everyday Was A Winding Road was the last song. They said they were going to be back in Europe again “in October, or November of the month after that, I don’t know, we will see you there.”

When Sheryl got up from her barstool after she got rid of her guitar, the whole band had already left and some guy from the left came up to have his cd signed. Sheryl was standing like what the heck? “Oh.. what we will do with that?” Sheryl looked at Chris Hudson, “well ok we will just do it for a couple of minutes”, she said luckily!
Everybody could get something signed (she used her own sharpie…lol) and take pictures with her. I had my guitar signed (“do you really want it?)”, as well as my forum shirt. Stefan and Jan did also. Andre was the first one who had his guitar signed: “do you really want me to do that?”, she asked. I handed the Get Well Card for Jim to Chris Hudson who was standing right next to her. “Could you please give this to Jim?” Sheryl: “Oh how nice!”.

It was a card with a lot of yellow bears (the forum peeps I thought when I bought it today) on the front holding signs GET WELL GET WELL. Inside there were even more bears holding a sign: “We want you to get well and we want it now!” and more bears holding signs saying “YES YES YES”. In the empty sign I wrote:
Dear Jim, all the FORUM PEEPS wish you a speedy recovery, so you can enlighten Sheryl’s songs with your catchy rhythms again.
On the back I wrote : This card was brought to you by the following Peeps, (our names) and special greetings from the Forum Moderator Gregg and his helper Liz (ScoutTHEDog). WE LOVE YOU AND SEE YOU IN THE STATES!

I saw Chris Hudson leaving with the card in his backpocket of his jeans, so I hope Jim will get it! We also made a picture of the three of us (with signed shirts) and Sheryl. Sheryl was still standing on the stage and had to bent over a bit: “Oh I’m so tall now..!” I hope they turn out well! I put my arm around Sheryl’s shoulders (and she on mine) during the photo, that was so weird, she felt so skinny! You should eat some more girl!

And then she had to go. It was so SUPER! So nice of her of signing all those stuff.
She made my dream come true. I thought I had to wait years to get my guitar signed. Luckily she didn’t notice it had only 5 strings. Andre and I were jamming a bit at my place and I was tuning it, but not paying attention and BANG my first string broke. No time to put a new one on. I hope that was the last of my bad luck (yesterday I had this thing with the trains that wouldn’t go to my city and my bike broke down) and that the line: “Bad luck is never ending” Sheryl sings in Leaving Las Vegas is not true.
This morning, after I got my bike fixed, a car almost hit me. This guy in his big Mercedes was coming out of a parking lot with an enormous speed and we couldn’t see eachother cause it’s like a small gate where you can’t look in when you’re about to pass through it. And I drive by this street every morning and never had seen a car come out of it. I won’t repeat here what I yelled at this businessguy but it wasn’t pretty. Luckily he could hit the brake in time. When I arrived at the university I wanted to print out the e-mail confirmation for the show but they had blocked my computeraccount, so I had to go to an internetcafe to have them printed out. No more bad luck please now!

Before the show we were asked to come back to the radiostation to come and tell how the show was. We did with some other fans and the dj told us something about her interview and that she totally messed up at the beginning. Couldn’t come out of her words and all. She also regretted that she didn’t get something singed when she saw our stuff. She said she forgot or was too scared, cause it would look so silly. “I should have asked her: hey would you sign my BREASTS please” lol.
She said she was very nice also. After she heard that story about dj Isabelle walking away during an interview, she thought she’d better prepare this interview now then. Put something on paper, cause if someone looks away, she would get nervous. She said she had never done that before and she wished she had never done it, cause she stumbled over her words now. She played some of it on the radio. It was real funny. The producer Arjen said he and Sheryl had a big laugh about it. When we asked him if he asked her something too. He replied: “Well I told her about my house and how she could get there and all”. Funny guy!
Also they said that Sheryl looked extremely good. She told Isabelle that the coverbooklet of C’mon C’mon wasn’t worked up (retouched?). “Well then”, Isabelle said, “then she’s retouched in real life”. (what a *)

I’ve heard the actual story from another VJ (VJ Daphne) from the same tvstation now. She said that Sheryl probably just had a bad day. She was talking to some other people during the interview and not listening to Isabelle and that’s what made Isabelle pissed so she walked away. Daphne said she was really nice during the interview she had with her and not like that all.

Ok, I will get some sleep now. Oh wait I will tell you when the tvbroadcasts and radioshows will be:

Sheryl’s concert will be on the radio all week on different shows. … En dit is Claudia, Denk aan Henk, Arbeidsvitaminen. Will post more when I know the exact times and days.
We read this on the whiteboard at the 3fm studio: Tomorrow between 9 and 12am (2am-5am Chicago time) she will be on the program Arbeidsvitaminen. Listen to it online at: www.3fm.nl Click on the “on” button next to the little yellow chick on the lower left.

Friday 20: Channel RTL 4 (can be received on the Astra satellite), program RTL BOULEVARD, 7.30pm (11.30pm Chicago time, 6.30 pm London time) ---à Steve McQueen live

Thursday 27 june: Channel TMF (The Music Factory) ----à Interview, don’t know which time, but VJ Daphne did the interview.