Lilith Fair - August 1999

By Tbird

I forgot! Everyone else does their movie reviews and I meant to tell you all
about Lilith Fair's 3 to last concert ever!

Overview - Lilith Fair (named after Adam's mythical first wife who was banished
from Eden because she would submit to his will) started 3 years ago as Sara
MacLaughlins sort of answer to Lalapalooza. A 7 hour concert highlighting
women's music. Fair stands selling various stuff. (I wasn't impressed with
the booths)

Saturday and Sunday in Denver, the local bands played outside, and we got stuck
in traffic, so we pretty much missed them. Inside, the main stage began with
Monica. I had never heard of her, but it seems like fun dance music, big stage
show with lots of dancers in what I'd call the 90's version of Funkadelic.
(Lots of silver and platform shoes) Unfortunately - nature called and there
were huge lines, so I only heard 1.5 of her songs.

Next - The Dixie Chicks. Had never heard their music either - but they were
fantastic! Tons of energy, they really got the crowd rocking with their own
version of country. I don't usually like country, but I am going to go out and
buy me some Dixie Chicks CD's! Sheryl Crow came out and played a song with
them. Don't ask me - I was having too much fun to take notes. They were
great. I think the Indigo Girls came out with one of the local musicians as
well, and helped out on a song.

Then - The Indigo Girls on their own. I love the Indigo Girls! They played
all their most loved song, yes, The Power of Two. What can I say? They were
the Indigo Girls. Everyone was happy. I was pretty much in Joy Overload at
that point.

I think they borrowed one or two of the Dixie Chicks. All the bands seemed to
swap members and come visit one another on stage. That was cool. Except
Monica, I realized later. But her show seemed much more choreographed, so
maybe it just didn't work to have Sheryl Crow come out and spontaneously join

And I think it was either the Indigo Girls or Sheryl Crow that got almost
everyone out on stage for a cover of a Bob Dylan song that I didn't recognize.
I enjoyed their version but couldn't help smirking that he would have done it
differently!!! :-)

Next up - Sheryl Crow. God - she's just beautiful. Beautiful. And FUN! She
just had a blast up there. Got the audience really involved. Someone was
blowing bubbles at the stage and she made a game of popping them as she sang.
Sarah MacLaughlin came out to help with a song, and her mike wouldn't work, so
Sheryl just called her over, grabbed the mike, and tossed in over Sarah's
shoulder. "Come over here and sing with me!" she said, so they shared the
working mike. It was clear that Sheryl's sound wasn't the way she wanted it,
and she wasn't happy about it, but otherwise, she was great.

Last, but not least, the mother of this event, Sarah MacLaughlin. This is the
last year of Lilith Fair because Sarah wants to be mother to a baby now. :-)
Does anyone out there know why someone else isn't picking up the ball and
running with it? Is it record company garbage, too caught up in beaurocracy?
Anyway - she played all her big radio hits. I love her voice, but I am not the
biggest fan of her music. One song at a time, I love it, Adia is just
wonderful. But all together I personally can't tell the songs apart. But I
love listening to her, and seeing her one stage was a treat.

Sheryl Crow came out and helped (sort of) with a song. I say sort of because
she arrived on stage in lime green capri pants, a pink seguined tank top with
knee length black tassles, and to top it all off, a snappy little round hat,
green like a golf course, with a flag sticking out of the center, and a little
golf ball that rolled around. Sarah burst out laughing, then tried to get
recomposed for the song. Very odd, that Sheryl lady.

Finally, EVERYONE came back out on stage. It'd be nice if I could remember the
song, but I was just so caught up in it, and dancing all night..... sorry.....

Suffice it to say....the last show is in Canada. Edmonton? And then a tiny


Source : Usenet