Murat Center - Indianapolis, Indiana (USA) - June 12, 2006 - 3

Review by sara1998 (from

I had a great time at the concert last night. It was at the Murat Theater, which only seats around 2500 people. I’ve never been in a small setting for a concert like that. It was really nice. The crowd pissed me off, though, because they were dead. Then, there was a guy a few rows ahead and way to the left of us, who was standing during the entire show. This really pissed the people off behind him, because their dead asses were sitting, and they couldn’t see around him. So, they sat and cried and complained, and finally security escorted him out. HELLO PEOPLE!!! You’re at a rock concert!!! Get off your ass and enjoy yourself. It really pissed me off to think you were going to be escorted out for standing during the entire show. Anyhow, here’s the set list. It was a pretty mellow show. I wonder if that’s a reflection of her mood. She looked really good, and sounded great. After she did Run Baby Run, she told us “It feels great to be playing music.”

Run Baby Run
Hard to Make a Stand
Maybe Angels
Good Is Good
Letter To God
My Favorite Mistake
First Cut
I Know Why
Strong Enough
If It Makes You Happy
It Don't Hurt
Always On Your Side
Where Has All The Love Gone
All I wanna Do
A Change

Soak Up The Sun
Every Day Is A Winding Road
Safe & Sound