Murat Center - Indianapolis, Indiana (USA) - June 12, 2006 - 2

Review by Rick (rickm811)

The Indy Tour Stop

With the cancellation of the last tour and Sheryl’s health issue, I must say there was a high level of anticipation for the show last night. I am happy to say there was absolutely no disappointment. Sheryl looked great and very fit and healthy. She had the glow in her face which was really good to see. The 5 star started at 3pm where our ILAA guide, Stephanie, met us. This was her first ILAA tour stop show and she did a very good job. There were about 40 of us in the 5 star. First we went in the theatre for soundcheck. When Sheryl came on stage she was wearing a black outfit with short shorts. Not surprisingly, she is keeping herself very fit. Yes, her legs are thin but I gotta say she looked stunning. She said hi to us and then said a special hi to a friend of hers who was in our group. I was surprised to hear Sheryl personally greet someone in our group but it turns out they know each other from their college days. Linda (I think that is her name) said she was surprised Sheryl said hi to her right off the bat. Sheryl and the guys started soundcheck at 3:45 and played 7 numbers.

It Don’t Hurt
Perfect Lie
Where Has All The Love Gone
Real Gone
Every Day Is A Winding Road
Run Baby Run

It was good to hear Real Gone even tho she didn’t play it later in the show. She had the lyrics on a stand next to her so my guess is she doesn’t know the lyrics well enough yet but the sound was great. She played some harmonica on Real Gone. She did some ad-libbing on several of the songs which was fun. Mini jam sessions with some of the guys. Sheryl has a 4 piece string section with her featuring the return of Lorenza Ponce. The soundcheck ended rather early at 4:30. We were brought up on stage in two groups to meet Sheryl and for a group photo. As the first group was going on stage Rex the Dog walked out to greet us too! Rex is very friendly and seems to be a sweet dog. Several young girls in the first group presented Sheryl with a framed picture and some sheets of paper but I don’t know what was on them. Sheryl always pays extra attention to her young fans which is nice to see. When our group went on stage Stephanie asked us to form a half circle and then Sheryl shook each person’s hand. When Sheryl turned to me she said “we’ve met before”. It’s always nice to be remembered! Hopefully the group photo comes out well. I am a little concerned since this was Stephanie’s first time to take an ILAA group photo. She had a little problem taking the second shot so we shall see how they turn out in the next day or two.

After soundcheck we were given a short tour of the building to learn about its history. Its designed with an Egyptian theme. Next we headed to our pre-party where we enjoyed good food and drinks. Of the four 5 stars I have been to this had the second best food quality next to the show in Berkeley last October. I was impressed. Stephanie did a raffle giving away a variety of Sheryl merchandise with the grand prize a signed picture. One lucky table cleaned up with nearly every person at the table winning something. We had plenty of time to kill since soundcheck ended earlier than expected.

At 8pm the first act came on stage, Jack Ingrham. He and his band played for about 35 minutes. He was very appreciative of the opportunity extended by Sheryl to open for her. He and his band are from Austin, TX and had a good sound. At 9pm it was time for what many of us had so eagerly waited for. With the sounds of What Is Life by George Harrison we knew it was show time! When Sheryl came on stage many of us gave her a standing ovation and she seemed genuinely appreciative. My friend Paul aka CalifKid and I had front row seats ,almost dead center. Simply outstanding. During the show there were times when Peter and Sheryl were literally two feet in front of us. To see what Sheryl wore take a look at the thread yeahyeahyeah posted under IndyStar concert review. She wore a green camisole with flowered black jeans. She looked stunning as usual. If you want to see the set list I posted it under the thread ‘interested in set list for new tour’ by Johnny. She and the band played a total of 21 numbers including 3 in the encore.

Sheryl played a blend of old and new but there were no new songs. I was hoping she would at least do Real Gone but no such luck. Her first ‘senior moment’ (you just knew it had to happen) was on the song Home. She started playing and by golly, she could not remember the first line. She stopped and laughed about it. You could tell she was a little emotional on this song as she commented that after being off for a few months the meaning of home and friends has taken on a new meaning for her. She said she would try to get thru the song which she did. At one point during the show she referred to John Mellencamp who lives about an hour south of Indy and said the next time she is here she will try to learn the lyrics to Jack and Diane and sing it. One funny moment was when she was singing If It Makes You Happy her mic stand dropped down about a foot and she was hunched down so she could sing in the mic. A stage hand quickly ran out and adjusted it just before Tim Smith could help her out. When she sang Always On Your Side she apologized that Sting could not join her. She said he must have a life and couldn’t come. The last number was A Change and during the song she said she didn’t want to make it in to an anti-war song but that we really do need ‘a change’. You could hear the applause in support of her. After the last song we waited for the encore and the band returned to play Soak Up the Sun, Every Day Is A Winding Road and Safe and Sound.

Sheryl and the band sounded great and really seemed to be having fun while they performed. I am sure it was good to be back on tour. Afterwards there were about 30 fans waiting outside the theatre by her tour bus hoping to see her when she came out. I saw Mike, Jeremy, Tim and Peter outside off and on. We got to see Rex the Dog happily trot to the tour bus then Sheryl came out and took her time autographing and chatting with everyone who wanted to see her. She signed CalifKid’s ticket and name badge for the 5 star and I had her sign my Wildflower cd. I noticed she had her own sharpie which is a very good idea since she wouldn’t be exchanging pens with fans with who knows what germs. She talked with a number of fans and seemed to know a woman in particular as they talked for a bit and exchanged hugs.

Great start to the new tour and looking forward to seeing her again tonight in Evansville.


P.S. nice to meet Indy Bill. He said he saw Sheryl play in Kettering, OH for the C’mon C’mon DVD. He told me this show was even better than the DVD show which says a lot!