Bronco Bowl, Dallas, Texas - Feb. 1st, 1997

Set list:  

1    Hard To Make A Stand              Acoustic guitar (AG)
2    Everyday Is A Winding Road     AG
3    Leaving Las Vegas                      -
4    Change                                      AG
5    Run Baby Run                           AG
6    If It Makes You Happy               Piano (P)
7    Sweet Rosalyn                           Electric Guitar (EG)
8    Redemption Day                        AG
9    Can't Cry Anymore                      EG
10  May Be Angels                           P
11  All I Wanna Do                          EG
12  NaNa Song                               Maracas & Tambourine
13  I Shall Believe                            -

First Encore
14 Strong Enough                               EG

Second Encore
15 Can You Hear Me Knocking         Organ
16 Superstar                                       P


Sheryl was wearing a green lace low cut blouse, a beige scarf around her neck, Levis boot cut jeans, and black boots. Her hair was lighter than usual. It had been streaked and was very light in the front. She drank a Samuel Adams beer between songs. No bottled spring water.


Leaving Las Vegas, Na Na Song, Can You Hear Me Knocking. For you young people, Can You Hear Me Knocking is a Rolling Stones song from the early 1970's and has always been one of my favorites. She did it justice.  

So you fans in other cities please report in with set lists. It was divided 8 songs from 'Sheryl Crow', 7 songs from 'Tuesday Night Music Club' and one cover song. I would be interested in what she plays in the other shows. See her if you can. She was definitely pumped up.


Stephen Wiener,
Oct 2nd, 1997