US Cellular Coliseum - Cedar Rapids, Indiana (USA) - June 17, 2006

Review by Shelby (HskrShelby)


Well, I just finished up at soundcheck and I'm on a break before the pre-show party. Thought I'd put down some thoughts quickly before I forget!

I Know Why
Real Gone (*)
The Worst - "I said from the first that I was the worst kind of girl for you to be around..."
Someone Saved My Life Tonight
Safe & Sound

Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word

Awesome soundcheck! Sheryl came out with a shawl and a mug of something. I hope she's not getting sick! But she sounded great and seemed to be in a good mood. Real Gone is a lot of fun live. I'm pretty sure the video screens are a little different from the last go-round and Sheryl was complaining to Arlo about the video of her being out-of-sync. I remember that being somewhat annoying back in January, but it seems even worse now. Not sure what the deal is with that. Rex was wandering around on stage before they started, but then he took off with Hud. When we went on stage for the picture, I gave Sheryl a 'Pets for Peace' dog tag for Rex. She thanked me and (once again) told me it was "killer". haha I swear, that's her favorite word.

(*) Sheryl tested out a new harmonica-neck-contraption-thingy. Apparently the last one was no good. This one passed the test. "Like it, like it."


Okay, I'm exhausted so this is going to be short. (Also, it seems I left my camera cable in Omaha so I can't post any photos yet. Tomorrow.)

The reports are true. Believe what you hear. Sheryl is back with a vengence. I don't remember the last time I saw her rock out like that. And the smiles! Wow. She was in a great mood and so was the band. The string section was cracking up all night. haha Sheryl really seemed to be attempting to connect with the crowd (which she hasn't always done in the past). Lots of eye contact and big smiles.

Highlight of the night: Sheryl and I yelling "1, 2, shake your ass!" at each other. :)

Forget everything you remember about the "piano dance". Rock and Roll returns minus piano and with about twice the energy...if you can believe that. Peter was a madman. Good God, he was born to play that song.

Oh, and Mike has moved from his usual corner location to between the strings and drums. I like it! He was directly in front me for a change. Good to see him without straining. The stage setup is really nice this go-round.

I think Sheryl is enjoying having Lorenza back. I saw them exchange quite a few smiles during the show. Has to be nice to have her around again. I saw Lorenza before the show and gave her a "Welcome back!" She looks like she's having a great time.

More brief notes:
* "He still gets stoned!" Sheryl points to Peter who smiles. "He's not the kind of boy I'd take home."

* "Peter Stroud! Born right here in Cedar Rapids!" Peter nods but then shakes his head no. "Tim Smith! Tim just bought a little place here in Cedar Rapids." She then introduced Jeremy as someone who worked at the local Quaker Oats and Mike as someone who has sampled the wine in every bar in Cedar Rapids. haha

More random thoughts on last night

* Talked to Mikey after the show for a few minutes. He asked how long the drive to Omaha would be. I told him about 4 hours and he said "Oh, so about two bottles of wine then?" hahaha He's fabulous.

* During soundcheck, Sheryl was ready to start the next song and Tim was kind of wandering. Sheryl pointed at his mic and said "Tim! Go to your room!"

* Can't quite remember which song it was, but Sheryl attempted to breakdance. I have a blurry picture that I will post. Probably blurry because I was laughing at her. haha

To answer a couple of questions... I ended up pretty much front row center. I didn't decide to hit this show until after the reschedule, so I was very pleasantly surprised. Oh, and yes there were FOUR songs in the encore. She must have been having so much fun that she decided to squeeze in one more. ;)

OH! And I won the autographed Wildflower CD at the 5-Star party! Can't believe I forgot to mention that last night.

Okay, I've got to go get ready for the show. Tonight marks the first time I'll actually see Sheryl perform in my area. However, the streak of not seeing her perform in Nebraska stands. 8 states worth of shows and still none here. lol