US Cellular Coliseum - Bloomington, Illinois (USA) - June 14, 2006 [2]

Review by Claudia (abilyn40)

Vintage Sheryl

I loved the show last night!! The whole experience I should say (I bought a 5-star).
When we walked into soundcheck the band was already rehearsing 'real gone'. Off to the side of the stage I saw Rex, and sure enough there was Sheryl a couple of seconds behind. She came onstage and went right into the song. Next was 'Letter to God' followed by 'Riverwide' (which drew applause). They finished soundcheck with 'Lifetimes' which was awesome, 'cause she didn' play it that night(AND it's one of my faves on WF). Once Sheryl signaled Stephanie, the first group went up. It was a quick "hello,(insert name here) nice to meet you", but still flippin' great/surreal(lol). As my group walked onstage, Rex stood at the stairs, letting everyone pet him as they went by. We were told couldn't take gifts (she's on the road; no space), but I still gave her a peace-flower button, which she thanked me for and pinned to her pants. I've got my fingers crossed it's visible in our group photo(!!!). Once our pictures were taken, we were taken to "crowd-free shopping", followed by appetizers and drinks @ our pre-concert party. We received our tickets & goody bags (Sheryl Crow WF Ipod and CD Case). Then the raffle. That was fun! Everyone cheered for everyone. We got t-shirts, mug (?), sweater,stickers, buttons, keychain (ME!), and an autographed pic and CD were also raffled. Once last call was over, we ventured down to our seats.

We had the first 2 rows (CENTER), I was right in front of Peter. Jack Ingram played a short but good set(I was pleasantly surprised), and signed stuff (including boobs) afterwards @ the merchandise booth. Finally, Sheryl came on. She came out smiling and didn't stop all night. You could tell this is like her therapy. She danced, walked around the stage, awesome. She asked us to send good vibes to Sally, her horse, who hopefully by now has given birth. Everything she played was right on target. She knew we missed her. Seeing 'Run Baby Run' live was a highlight as was 'Hard to make a Stand'. Through the whole show I sang and moved, smiling at Peter, waving at Mike (*sigh*). I was as excited to see them as Sheryl! Listening to 'AoYS' live gave me new appreciation for the song. She didn't do 'Home', but alas, 'Rock 'n Roll' was back. The cherry on top was catching HER pick! That or her looking and pointing into my cameraphone(hell yes).