US Cellular Coliseum - Bloomington, Illinois (USA) - June 14, 2006

Review by NeighborhoodKen

All I Can Say Is.... She's back BIG TIME. Back to being the Sheryl we all remember and love. What a difference from the Chicago concert in January. Gretchen, get ready to pee....I'm warning everybody now, cause you're gonna pee.

Definitely a rockin concert in Bloomington last night. Less Wildflower, more classics. No dresses, no sitting on a Chicago. Instead, jeans and a leather vest. Lots of energy, clapping, dancing, prodding the crowd and band, and hammering the guitar. Vintage Crow. It looked like she was really relaxed...thoroughly enjoying herself and the audience.

Lots of talking with the half-frenzied crowd. It seemed like she was looking right at us lots of times. In a tender moment, she commented that her horse (Sally?) is due to give birth any second, and that she was hoping that Sally could hold off until she hopped a plane to be with her for the moment.

But for most of the night, it was pure rock...and the crowd ate it up. The party got pretty wild up close. Sheryl acknowledged, and several times commented about being a wild group tonight. She even provoked the frenzy a few times strutting around with her Gibson hanging off her back side, shaking her booty for the crowd. At one point, a guy in Row 5 yelled out, "I love you. I love you." Sheryl replied, "Are you sure? ARE YOU SURE? Cause I've heard that one before. This time I'm getting serious." Then, she gave a big smile and immediately launched into "Are You Strong Enough." A perfect seguey and slam, I thought.

A great encore also. Soak, Winding Road, and Rock and Roll. Peter and Sheryl leaning into each other playing in perfect sync, and Tim partying early...Budweiser in hand. An electrifying encore. I thought I was in heaven.

Once again, the ILAA seats were great. I downgraded to the 4 Star package this time and ended up in Row 4 dead center on mic, wearing my Forum t-shirt. No other Forum shirts in sight, except for the new cool masterpiece from Father Tim, modeled by the Tazman sitting in Row 2.

The only Rex and and no autographs. I almost ran to the bus area after the concert, where I saw Stephanie (the ILAA host) who told me that Sheryl had already escaped and departed in her bus. It was long a shot, but I was hoping.

Yes, Gregg, it was kick-ass Sheryl as you put it. No bra hanging on the mic and no dancing on the piano, but a triumphant return. My vote is.....SHE's BACK.