Billings, Montana (USA) - Metrapark Arena - August 11, 2001

Crow rocks the house at Montana Fair

By Jacqueline Johnson

Sheryl Crow paid homage to her musical influences during her show MontanaFair appearance Saturday at Metra, performing songs by the likes of Queen, Guns'n Roses and Bob Dylan.

In the first of three encore numbers, Crow introduced a Cheap Trick song by telling her fans, "I want you to want me." There was no question about that. The audience of 3,500 people were on their feet from the first few licks of the opening number, "Walk Away" to the raucous finale an hour and a half later.

Crow managed to bang out a few riffs on her guitar Saturday and blew a mean harmonica. But it was her voice, with its leathery blend of wisdom and wonder, that kept the audience on its feet and begging for more.

Flinging her mane of sandy brown hair and kicking up her heels at any chance she got, Crow reveled in the music. And her audience was as caught up in the music as Crow was. Her live sound is as raw and lean as rock'n roll gets. With all the fun of a garage band and the passion of her classical roots, Crow and her six-piece band dressed the stage at Metra not with their outfits or their props but with the pure power of rock'n roll.

Crow sang most of her biggest hits including "My Favorite Mistake," "There Goes the Neighborhood," "Strong Enough" and the Grammy winning "All I Wanna Do." But it was her cover tunes including Guns'n Roses' "Sweet Child of Mine" that had an edge to them that brought the house down.

As a performer, Crow has a style that belies her petite frame and her rather plain threads. Both she and her band were dressed in jeans and boots and the propless stage was refreshing, allowing the band to show off its music and not some light show. Crow chatted easily with her audience, admitting to them that she blew a line in her song "If It Makes You Happy." Even though the song was one of the highlights of the show, Crow finished the piece by saying "Okay I've screwed up the words already this evening. We spent a great day today on the Crow Reservation. I got to the part in the song about Geronimo and my brain left me."

And this woman was named Best Female Vocalist and received the Record of the Year award in 1993. We wouldn't have cared if she'd said General Custer on the lyric.

Source: Daily Telegraph, December 9th, 2003