Verizon Wireless Arena - Manchester, New Hampshire - July 9th, 2006

Review by hippiegirl10

So I'm a few days late. I'm still catching up on my lack of sleep! :)

I bought tickets for this show back when it was originally scheduled while I laid in bed with a horrid stomachache. I was supposed to be snowboarding with some business goonies at Mount Sunapee but sometimes life works in funny ways!

When I found out that it had been postponed due to Sheryl's cancer, I don't think I was a bit upset at the time. My main concern was hoping that she overcame this horrid disease and would be back on the road...eventually. Heck, I've travelled to see her before, I don't think I'd stop that now. I didn't imagine she'd be back so quickly and was very happy to see her reschedule the New Hampshire show.

Fast forward about...ohh....4 months? This concert has been the light at the end of my tunnel for a very long time. As we all know, her live concerts just "do" something to a person and you cannot really put your finger on it but you know that you have to be there. I don't think it had hit me that it was finally concert time until Saturday.

My friend arrived from Rhode Island on Saturday night and we spent the night watching numerous Sheryl DVD's and reminiscing about all the past concerts. Ahh...memories! We planned out our next day itinerary and headed off to bed......


We met up with Pete and Gretchen before the show in Manchester. It was great to see them as the time in between can sometimes span years. Nice to know that no matter how much time passes, you always have a peep there that makes it seem like 2003 was just yesterday!

Afterwards, we hustled over to the venue. There was a line formed outside the door and we wondered how many people were in ILAA. Apparently, not TOO many! We got our tickets and realized we were all in the same photo group which will be nice once they POST THE DAMN PICTURES!!!! We headed off to soundcheck...

Peter was already on stage and Jeremy was playing around on the piano. This soundcheck differed greatly from the one that I saw in NYC back in October. MUCH more laid back and, I do have to say, that I enjoyed this one much better. Though we didn't get the same amount of songs from the previous ILAA experience, we got more chit chat, joking, and laughing. As funny as Sheryl is, her band mates are right up there with her. AS stated previously, Sheryl seemed quite tired and made sure to comment about it to us. She coughed a few times but then immediately broke into dance. Reminded me of a 3 year old who complains of a tummyache, throws up, then is outside running around with their friends like nothing ever happened.

We got to go up on stage and Sheryl was much more personable this time. I mumbled something about wanting to see Rex and she immediately called him up onto stage. Due to Mr. Hudson's strict rules, I wasn't sure if we were going to get a chance to pet him. But, he didn't intrude and Rex enjoyed numerous belly rubs, ear scratches, and head pets. Sheryl told the story about how once he's asleep, it is nearly impossible to get him up. She also said something about how he's a horrible watch dog because he hasnt' met a person that he doesn't like. Once we were all off the stage, Sheryl headed off for her run and we all went to our suite for social.

I met quite a few new people and enjoyed every single one of them. I always found it so amazing that we can all be so different yet we all share this common thread that ties us all together. It's just as enjoyable to meet the fans as it is to see the concert for me most of the time. Thank you all for your kindness and stories!

We wandered around for a bit afterwards, dropped out stuff off on our seats (front row dead center!!) and then left because I didn't want to see Joanna. Call me immature but anyone who's trying to get her fame through MTV isn't someone who interests me. Based on the review I heard later on from a very trusting source, I didn't miss much. More on that later....


What can I say, the seats, the atmosphere, the people. It was great. We stood for the majority of the show (when it was appropriate) and sat during the slower songs. I think it really helped to boost Sheryl because she seemed really talkative and energetic. I got befriended by an adorable 5 year old girl whom I ended up giving my VIP pass to. Sheryl commented on the little girl and her brother and I got many smiles from the stage. Tim even asked me if she was mine. I laughed and said "NO!" and he busted out laughing. It certainly wasn't my intention to get so much recognition by having her by my side; i just wanted her to have a great first concert experience. The girl was so cute and I will share with you a few comments that she shared with me:

- "Do you have a boombox?" "Yes, I do, do you?" "Yes, in my room and all I listen to is Sheryl Crow!"
- "The girl ahead of Sheryl, she screamed a lot but i guess she screamed pretty" (talking about Joanna)
- "What time is it?" shows her cellphone, pumps little fist "I was supposed to be in bed at 8!!"
- "You got to meet Sheryl Crow?" "Yes, I met Sheryl tonight" "You are SO lucky". to which i replied "Yes, but Sheryl said you were one of the cutest kids she's ever seen!" looks at me "She did?!?!" "Yes, earlier when she handed you the guitar pick" "Ok, well that works for me!"
- And the best one of the night: I was giving a mini and she turned to me and said "Are you going to gab with your girlfriends all night or watch the concert?!?!" I laughed so hard, put my phone away, and she contently laid back into my arms. freaking cute for words sometimes!!

Back to the concert...

The song choice wasn't the best IMHO but she played them so well that it didn't much matter. They all seemed dead on and in great spirits. Safe and Sound was a wonderful addition and a perfect ending to a wonderful night.

Highlights of the night:

- Tim yelling out during soundcheck and pointing to Jeremy "We have to wait up for grandpa!"
- Peter giving his juiciest burp to the crowd during LLV
- Sheryl saying that Tim was from Manchester and used to play for the Manchester..uhhh..uhh as I yell out "WOLVES!" and i get a "huh?" "WOLVES!" "Bulldogs??" wonderful, Sheryl!
- Being so close that I could see the infamous scar on her hip
- Getting my first Sheryl pick
- Putting another great concert under my belt.