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Rebound tour an inspiration for Sheryl Crow

Monday, June 26, 2006
Times Entertainment Writer

Grammy-winner battles back from cancer treatment


No doubt, many in the sellout crowd of more than 2,000 people at the Von Braun Center's Concert Hall were probably wondering Sunday night just how her recent breast cancer surgery had affected Sheryl Crow.

They got their answer pretty quickly.

"How are you doing?" Crow asked the crowd as she took the stage. "I feel great, real good. I'm glad you're here.

"We're glad we're here tonight."

The 44-year-old singer, who rescheduled the concert from March 8 following minimally invasive surgery and chemotherapy, looked, acted and, perhaps most importantly to the ticketholders, sounded just like everyone expected the nine-time Grammy winner to sound. She felt so good, Crow said she jogged around Big Spring International Park and Twickenham District before Sunday's performance.

"I ran around your town today and it's lovely, beautiful. I passed all these beautiful homes with markers. I made an offer on a house," she said, teasing the crowd.

It was that kind of night. Crow sang the multitude of hits everyone came to hear, as well as songs off her most recent album, "Wildflower." She also chatted often as the livelier than usual concert hall crowd stood, sang and danced along.

After Jack Ingram opened the show with a lively set, Crow, dressed in a white top and tan jeans decorated with flowers, started off with "Run Baby Run," the hit from her 1993 debut album, "Tuesday Night Music Club." She stood center stage without her trademark guitar and performed while a string quartet accompanied her. She followed that up with "Maybe Angels," a story about UFOs, as low-budget UFO films played on the screen behind her.

She played acoustic guitar during the first hit from "Wildflower," "Good is Good" and then offered a poignant "Letter to God," which was even more meaningful when hand-written lyrics like "Dear God, Please Don't Leave Me" appeared on the screen behind her. She followed that with "My Favorite Mistake," her breakout '94 hit, which got the fans out of their seats and dancing, and Cat Stevens' "First Cut Is the Deepest," also made popular by Rod Stewart.

That was followed by "I Know Why" and "Leaving Las Vegas" from the '95 movie and "Strong Enough." On the title track of her new album, Crow explained "Wildflower" was about chaos in the world and took on new meaning "after I was diagnosed with cancer."

The Bob Dylan-penned "Mississippi" followed and then came "Home," which seemed to have special significance since Crow was back on the road again. Ingram joined her on stage for "If It Makes You Happy" and that was followed by "Real Gone," part of the soundtrack for the hit Disney movie, "Cars." "Always on Your Side" followed, along with "All I Wanna Do" and "Change Would Do You Good."

The encore included "Soak Up the Sun," "Every Day is a Winding Road," "Safe and Sound" and the Led Zeppelin cover, "Rock and Roll."

Certainly, Crow proved without a doubt her bout with cancer hasn't affected her voice, or spirits, one bit.

Source: The Huntsville Times