Von Braun Center - Huntsville, Alabama (USA) - June 25, 2006

Review by youfavoritemistake


ok so. went to the show in huntsville tonight. the first time i've gotten to see sheryl, right. the show freakin rocked!!! i mean just to explain how excited i was.. my left leg shakes sometimes.. ok ok after great sex, and my leg f'n shook ALL NIGHT LONG!! ya'll i'm serious! my jaw was on the floor the entire night. but anyway. the setup was pretty much the same as the past few shows as far as i remember. jack ingram came out to do "if it makes you happy" with her.. which i wish he didn't. i mean it totally rocked but, i kinda wanted to hear HER sing it! the new song form the cars soundtrack was awesome. i was very impressed. it definantly sounds like it could be a summer hit. i was completely blown away by the led zeppelin "rock n' roll" ending! omg!! that was when i knew i would definantly not have a voice in the morning!


sooo then i went and found her bus of course! i waited.. waited some more. there were a few other people that came up, like 10 probably. her sister walked out and of course i thought it was her for at least 2 seconds. she then walked right past me and got in a car.. finally sheryl came out!!! and my friend was like 'take a picture! take a picture! get the camera ready! and i was just in utter shock.. i just stood there with this goofy ass grin on my face i'm sure and she was looking right at me!!!! and i couldn't move! and then the security guards kind of got around her kind of pushing her to her bus and she was like 'wait.. you think i wouldn't sign autographs!' and pushed them away and someone throught a shirt out in front of her face and she was like.. i'm starting down here (with me!!!!) so yea, i was the first!! and i said "i love you i love you i love you. so much." and she was like "aw thank you" and i said "the zeppelin ending rocked!" and she said "you think so?" me: "totally.."

and then it was over.. she moved on and i just stood there.. lol. i didn't get a picture with her :( i was too in shock and couldn't move to get my camera. i feel like such a retard now.. but finally i walked away and went totally bizerk on the way to the car. screaming "my wedding day will NEVER top this!!!"

so yea. she's great :)

best night of my life.

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