Dodge Music Center - Hartford, Connecticut - August 26, 2006


It was supposed to be John Mayer (yummy) and Sheryl Crow (yummy in her own right, I guess)…but alas, John was sick and couldn’t perfom. I am still convinced that Dan somehow got a hold of him to warn him that I might try to stow away on the tour bus…anyway, Sheryl Crow kicked ass. She is beautiful, funny and can rock out. I have decided that I am going to be her when I grow up. The opening guy (who I actually felt bad for because we were all pissy that John cancelled-notice that I call him John as if I know him) was Mat Kearney. He sang 10 songs or so, 7 of which sounded exactly the same, and the other 3 were okay. I liked him more the more alcohol I drank. :) Sheryl sang all the fan faves, and closed with (get this) Rock and Roll (originally by Led Zeppelin)…takes some balls to cover that I think, and she’s got ‘em. Plus she does some cool breast cancer stuff, being a survivor and all. I was only a little hung over today….



Sheryl Crow was awesome! That was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. She did all of her hits, some new stuff, some other stuff off of her older albums, and a few covers too. Mat Kearny opened, he was good. It sucks that John Mayer was sick and couldn't perform, I really wanted to hear some of his new stuff. But, I have seen him like five times, so whatever.



Amazing show! Sheryl Crow really rocked it out. She did a full set with a lot of her older songs. So much energy - it was fantastic. She is tiny but really moves around the stage with excitement and got the crowd into it too. Matt Kearney, the opener, was great too. His style is pretty unique and easy to listen too.

There was some disappointment last night. John Mayer was supposed to be a part of this show too, but cancelled at the last minute due to illness. Was pretty sorry to hear that, because he was the reason I bought tickets, but have to say that the concert was better than I thought it would be.

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Hottie Sheryl Crow rocked the house in Hartford last night. Unfortunately John Mayer had to cancel due to laryngitis, but Sheryl made it worth it. She performed two hours when she was only going to play for 45 minutes. Sheryl was unbelievable and really got the crowd pumped. She has had a rough year with early stage breast cancer and her break-up with Lance. I personally think he is an idiot, but what do I know. I now cannot wait until she releases more new music.



John Mayer Cancels,Sheryl Crow Shines!
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Mayer cancels his appearance in Hartford due to illness....
I wondered why there was hardly any traffic going into Hartford Saturday night around the time that the John Mayer/Sheryl Crow/Mat Kearney show was about to start. My husband and I headed up to the Dodge Music Center with two of our daughters to, in particular, see Fairfield's Heart throb, John Mayer.

We parked uneventfully and then walked past an incredibly long line of people waiting in line patiently to enter the theater...this also seemed strange to me..we had to go to the "will call" window to pick up our tickets. Then everything came into focus. Over a loud speaker came a muffled voice that said John Mayer would not be taking the stage due to laryngitis and that he felt terrible about pulling out of the show last minute. We made the decision to stay and watch Sheryl Crow do the whole show.

While many of those who really wanted to see Mayer decided to leave to be able to get their full refund...the plentiful crowd that decided to stay, were treated to a tremendous event. Sheryl Crow...a breast cancer survivor "rocked the house!" Crow, in her mid-forties coming off treatment for cancer and a well-publicized breakup with Tour De France Superstar, Lance Armstrong, was powerful.

The tiny Crow all dressed in white with 4-inch heels, belted out every song that you knew and others you didn't from her new CD. Effortlessly she changed guitars, I don't even know how many times...from Fenders to Acoustics to whatever.
She is nothing short of gorgeous and showed her true rocker self. Her encore was even more spectacular. She changed into a glittery "war is not the answer" t-shirt and strutted the stage back and forth and even ended up dancing on top of a piano.

Don't get me wrong, we were hugely disappointed about not seeing Mayer, but because of his illness we got to see a show that we wouldn't have seen otherwise. You go Sheryl!!!!!

By the way John, if you should get wind of this blog, the family would love to have you do your "make-up" concert at our pick the date.



Everyone was soooo bummed when they heard he wasn't playing, and a lot of people left - but the show was absolutely worth staying for. Mat Kearney was new to me, but i really, really enjoyed him..almost felt a good trade off for not seeing JM since I found a new band I like..and Sheryl Crow was absolutely off the chain, if people still say that or ever did...I saw her once before, but nothing like this - the pictures in the background, the soul, the energy, the length of the show, her outfit, her moves, her dancing on the piano, shaking her ass, shaking her other stuff, and she say over and again how sorry she was John wasn't performing, how she was in Mayer territory, how she felt like they had to step up, and then at the end she was like, so sorry John couldn't play, but we're gonna pick it up for him, and she said how much fun they were having, and it showed...TOTAL bummer that John didn't play, but an absolutely amazing. I think I fell in love with sheryl crow a little bit.

I was able to attend John's soundcheck, however, and they sounded great - he sang Slow Dancing...with a killer guitar solo...def. a shame they didn't get to play.

Feel better soon, john...

- thinkimgonnamakeamove
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