NOKIA THEATER - Grand Praire, Texas (USA) - June 20, 2006 - [3]

Review by Lance J. Armstrong

Fantastic show It's late, so I'll have to give more detail tomorrow, but Sheryl's show tonight was quite a nice surprise, and much more than I expected. Quality and professionalism. Course the sound guys didn't get the sound perfect, but it was acceptable. I would go again if I could.

So beg steal or borrow to get tickets and go catch this tour. Don't be a slacker, go.

She chose a wide range of tunes from her catelog, defineately showing off all her talents. Besides herself, her crown jewel is definately Peter Stroud. He was so smooth and consistent. His clean guitar sound was awesome. Tedzepplin, you would be in heaven, Sheryl ended on a Zepplin tune. Peter really cut loose on that one. Nice to hear a guitar player play what you expected to hear. Looks like for the guitars they were all using Peter's 65amp brand.

They wouldn't let me bring my camera in. Too bad, I had a fabulous angle all night long with no one infront of me. Heather, I could see all those idiots down on the floor. No consideration for the folks around them. One big tall guy in black never sat down, and I could see the poor woman behind him mad, especially if she had to fork over for the 5star price.

More tomorrow. I didn't get to meet Sheryl, security made us leave the floor right away. I even flashed my badge and tried to pull the Lance Armstrong Sr. bit, they didn't buy it.


PS One thing's for sure, Sheryl doesn't have an ounce of fat anywhere on her body.

Have to say more about the concert last night. I really liked the more musical numbers. Sheryl's education really shines thru. I know most of you like her rocky'er side, and I like that too, but her deeper songs she played in the middle of the concert let you know there's more going on inside of Sheryl than just a good buzz in the morning. I'm not talking about just deep lyrics, but deep song structure to go along with the lyrics. You can definately see much more depth live than what a CD captures.

And the band, can't say enough about them. She's got just what she needs on the stage. I'd say Peter and the drummer are definately big big assets. You really found that out during the Zepplin tune when the drummer got to solo a bit, and of course Peter turned in a perfect Jimmy Page performance. He didn't hold back on that song. The string section worked well all night I thought, that is when you could hear them, the mix wasn't very good. Who's doing sound anyway, you'd think at that level it would....and it should be perfect, but it wasn't. At least you could hear Peter's guitar all night, oh and Sheryl's too.

Can't say enough about Peter's presence on stage. He seems like a very humble guy, unlike the typical rockGOd lead guitar stereotype. No, he's more majestic on stage and definately takes care of business instead of trying to be a glory hog. Helps when you've got great tone too. In case you happen to read this Peter, those 65 amps you're building have great tone.

The raised stage for the musicians was very long, width wise, which was kind of cool. The string section on the far left, next the keyboards, then the drummer, and then Sheryl's grand all the way far right. Most of the night Peter, Sheryl, and Tim were out front. The keyboardist came out and played bass a couple of times.
No accordian songs though guys. I requested the Who song, or anything on accordian, but no can do. She did play harmonica on a couple of tunes. That's not her best instrument.

Jack Ingram was the warmup act. He was part commedian too. He wants everyone to know his name, and he presents that in a very humble way (I didn't know that could be done, but he did it)
But most of the crowd was out in the Lobby watching the NBA final game during his set. Sheryl let him sing one song with her. That worked out VERY well. When Sheryl was on, she graciously announced the games scores several times during the night. The stage crew fell down on their duty to provide her with updated scores. She tried to keep us updated often, but the crew wasn't on top of it. No matter. We weren't there to see basketball. The game might have had something to do with all the empty seats. For those not following basketball, the final NBA game was played in Dallas last night, Dallas lost for the 4th time in a row. The Dallas team has a bad habit of falling apart late in the 4th quarter. And Miami just shoots more consistently.

Now where was I, oh yea, the concert was a pleasure to go to, and I highly recommend it, to Sheryl fans and to guitarist who want to see a slide master at work. Oh, before I forget it, Peter switched guitars on every song. Looks like he had the Fender Jaguar with those custom, and impossible to find Palm Pedals on it, for doing the steel guitar sounds, like on 'All I wanna do'. I'm going to have to go out and get a Gibson Firebird. First guy I saw use one of those was Clapton with Cream. It's got that look that says, 'I'm Good'. Well, they just look so cool on stage.

Jack Ingram came out for autograph signing, but Sheryl didn't. That's about it for tid bits. The crowd was light, and so it was easy to get around last night. Only folks who probably didn't have a good time were the ones in the expensive floor seats with rude and inconsiderate people around them (those free ticket winners from the local FM station), or behind people who insisted on standing and dancing in front of them all night long. That might look good from Sheryl's vantage point, people standing up and yelling, but it sucks if your a small person behind a fat old >6ft tall goon, or anyone in front of a LOUD ASS whistler.

Ok, enough negative talk, that's only about the crowd, which is typical of all concerts as you all know. The money was well spent for this concert.