NOKIA THEATER - Grand Praire, Texas (USA) - June 20, 2006 - [2]

Review by Heather (fletwoodmac00)

Good times, good times...

It's been almost two years since I've seen La Crow live so I was due. And you'd think that if you win tickets from a radio station you'd have good seats. You'd think that but you'd be wrong. And radio station, don't put all the people that did win seats in a little bunch way at the top because there's a good chance they will talk to each other and find out you gave them all crappy seats. I'm just saying. But free seats are better than no seats they say. I went with my new friend Tony. And as we sat in the car waiting to pay to park I spy something in the rear view mirror. It's a person jogging. And I turn and look. And I smack Tony in the chest and say, "Dude?" and then again with, "Dude!". Yeah, Sheryl jogged past us while we sat in the car. Tony in all his glory said, "Hey,". She just looked at us and kept going, I assume she had tunes going on and didn't just all out ignore us. I mean, if he had opened the door she would have ran into it, that's how close she was. That's completely not important but I just kept thinking how awesome it would have been if he for some reason opened the door and she did run into it and I could have said, "Sheryl Crow, you ran into the car door, what the hell?". Anywho, when we got inside some girl took our picture and told us it would be on the big screen before the show. And I'm thinking it'll show up once, no big deal. No. It was up there about 30 times, so much that I had to tell people, "No autographs please,". I've avoided reading the tour list so I was quite pleased with song choices. Liked hearing the older stuff. And Gawd, Mississippi. Live. I'll be honest, I may have peed a little with happiness. I can die a happy man now. And to the two drunk guys that sat a few rows behind us, I salute you sirs, for I could not have had a better time laughing at you while you danced around and barked for Sheryl to come back on stage. That's right, barked. And your inability to clap on the 2 and 4 was mind boggling. Crow kept us abreast of the basketball game throughout the show. I live in Dallas but I really am glad Miami won. Oh yeah, I said it. So, all in all a good time was had.