Mid-America Center - Council Bluffs, Iowa (USA) - June 18, 2006

Review by Shelby (HskrShelby)

Better and better

Let me just start by saying that a lot was riding on this show for me. haha Everyone in Omaha knows that I'm a Sheryl junkie. I had A LOT of first timers in the audience tonight who came to see what the big deal was. Now, mind you, I had full faith in Sheryl and the band, but most of you know how much the crowd can make or break a show.

But first thing first...


- Real Gone

* Now they tell you in 5-Star not to call out requests during soundcheck unless she asks for them. I was dying to hear Riverwide and she didn't play it in Cedar Rapids. So before she had even finished asking "What do you guys want to hear?", I yelled out...
SC - "What??"
SC - "Riverwide?? Ooooh. Yeah, give us a song to tune up for that one and we'll play it."
*sigh* Having Sheryl tell me she'll play Riverwide for me? Priceless. lol

- My Favorite Mistake
- Riverwide (heavenly)
- Steve McQueen
* By request. You could tell they hadn't played it in ages. Sheryl told us "Wait a minute, I've got to re-learn it. Good luck everybody!" HA!

Apparently, her voice/throat has been a little scratchy, so she cut soundcheck short at that point. Funny, you can't tell during the performances that she's been bothered at all. She obviously knows her limits and what she's capable of. Always such a professional. :)

So, we're waiting to go up for the photo op when Rex comes out of nowhere BOUNDING onto the stage after Sheryl. He was at least as excited to see her as I was. lol Omg, he's so f'n cute. He was really frisky and trying to get someone to play with him. Rick was kneeling at the front of the stage working on something and Rex ran up and gave him a big fat kiss. haha The two of them wrestled a bit and Rex took off running around the stage. It was adorable.


So, the show starts and no one will stand. No enthusiasm from the crowd and I'm silently cursing the populations of both Omaha and Council Bluffs. No wonder she never plays here!! But believe it or not, My Favorite Mistake finally got a few people up and I figured it was now or never to get the crowd into it. When you're sitting front row center, you have a responsibility to kick the crowd in the ass when they aren't doing their part. So I stood up, faced the crowd, took a page from Dif and yelled "GET UP!" lol What do you know? They did! (I can't really take credit though. The four girls in the third row got the ball rolling. Thank god for them or the show wouldn't have been much fun.) The rest of MFM was like a brand new song. The crowd was wildly clapping along and the band started feeding off of it. And the show was fabulous from then on out. :)

Band intros - Tim apparently "went to school" in Omaha, Jeremy applied to school in Omaha but hasn't been accepted yet and Mike was a professor but got fired because of his drinking problem. HAHA Poor Mikey.

Anymore, I spend just as much time watching the band as I do Sheryl. They're just having such a great time up there. Peter always sees me first and gives his usual nod. Mikey didn't see me until about 5 songs in, but he always waves and smiles. After he saw me, he saw my mom next to me and did a cute little gesture with his glasses. Mike has really come out of his shell in the last few years. It's great to see. We even got some smiles from Tim last night! And what is going on over in the string section? I hope they aren't getting paid because they're having waaaaay too much fun. Made eye contact with Lorenza a few times and she just kind of shook her head at the madness. :) Sheryl surrounds herself with the best people and it's nice to see them enjoying what they do. Not to mention, they're great at it. And I'll say again, I think Lorenza has put an added spark back in the on-stage chemistry. You can see it between all of them.

I'm really sorry to say that I didn't get any clips of Real Gone. I don't like to push my luck with the camera until towards the end of the show, but I had planned on trying to capture a few seconds of that one. However, I got swept up in the moment and it didn't happen. It's definitely one that gets people up and moving though. A lot of times new songs don't do that because people don't know them yet, but you can't help moving to this one.

Hmm... Is Tim checking out Sheryl's butt? I don't know. What I DO know is that before the encore break, Tim got down on his knees and kissed it. Let me say that again. Tim KISSED SHERYL'S BUTT! HAHAHAHA Oh, man. I wish I would have been fast enough to get a picture. I've witnessed a lot of things at Sheryl shows, but this was a first. *shaking head*

After the Show

After the show, a crowd gathered across the road from where the bus was parked. Security wouldn't let us get any closer, so we all accepted the fact that we'd maybe get a wave from her, but that's it. Well, she came out and walked over by the bus and was standing around. We yelled for her and she waved. I kiddingly motioned "come here", but never thought she'd actually do it. There was a pretty big crowd and we were a loooong way from her. Next thing I know, here she comes with Chris Hudson. The crowd started to slowly move forward and she held her hands up as if to say "Don't rush me!" I'm sure walking up to a large group of people who probably want something from you is quite intimidating. haha But she was as sweet as ever. She signed for pretty much everyone. She posed for a photo with my mom (even though she claimed she looked "hideous" - yeah, right.) Some in the crowd weren't as respectful as they should be and Chris was ready to whisk her away, but I asked her to sign my ticket stub and she smiled as she took it from my hand. I thanked her for coming and told her about my 8 state run of concerts and never having seen her in Nebraska. She said "I knew I know you!" Don't know if that is a good thing or not. haha She said "We came pretty close this time. We HAVE played Nebraska before though." (Chris Hudson is attempting to get her back to the bus this whole time. haha) I told her I was away at college for that show and she gave me an "awww" as she turned to go. We all shouted a final thank you to her and she turned to wave one last time before getting on the bus.