Orpheum Theater - Memphis, Tennessee (USA) - June 24, 2006

Review and photos by Kay (RedWineLover)

Fantastic concert!!!

Just getting in from Memphis concert and a side trip to Kennett, Missouri. How do I start??? Is there a word better than fantastic or terrific???? If so please plug it in! I see the set list is posted on the front page but I’m going to recap using it.

Saturday afternoon around 3:40pm arrived at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Memphis, TN. hoping to pick up our 4 star tickets at the box office which wasn’t open yet. In leaving who walks in front of me but Peter. Sunglasses and walking fast with his very long legs like a man on a mission. I can’t believe how unlucky I was to not get a picture of him. He went to a side door and went in for the soundcheck. I’m still in front of the theatre when a very long black Jeep limo full of people from Kennett pull up. I saw Gary Wilcoxson (member of the Usual Suspects Band) getting out with others. He plays in the band with Wendell Crow (Sheryl’s dad).

At this point we go off touring downtown Memphis. Ended up eating dinner at the Rendezvous (I see Nikki was there too). Fantastic place to eat if you’re ever in Memphis.

After dinner we went down Beale street and listened to some good music at BB Kings. Time to go get tickets at the Orpheum and had no problems this time. Off for drinks at Swig’s and a great martini!!! All ready for the concert at this point...............

As Nikki has said Sheryl’s family was there as was much of Kennett it seemed. We had great seats in row 10 dead center. Jack Ingram was very funny and got the crowd going for Sheryl. By the time Sheryl came out everyone stood for the first 3 songs. I’ve been to concerts before but the energy from the crowd really got Sheryl going. The crowd stood, clapped, and sang along with Sheryl. I’ve never heard so many singing thru so many songs before. It was great!!!!!! Sheryl was on “fire” all night. After she sang First Cut she made a comment about Tim’s sunglasses saying he had pinkeye and made a joke about if one gets it they all get it!!!

When Strong Enough came around Lorenza did a fantastic solo. The four piece string section was great all night. Good to have Lorenza back. Sheryl introduced Jack back on stage to sing If It Makes You Happy with her. They both enjoyed singing together sharing a mic. After this Bradley and Chase (her nephews) came on the stage to give Sheryl her harmonica. She loved having them come out.She said they just saw the movie “Cars” and loved the next song. Sheryl then sang Real Gone and played the harmonica during this song. Love to hear her play!!! During the show she said how much it ment to her having her family and Kennett friend’s here tonight.

After Real Gone Sheryl moved to the piano and sang Always on Your Side. Her voice was real husky singing this song (I love her voice that way)!!! Sheryl never stopped moving and dancing all night. I’ve never seen her dance and have such a great time. The guys all followed her lead and whoever was at this concert sure got a special treat all night.

The encore of Soak Up the Sun was fun because the kids in the center isle were shown by someone with Sheryl’s group up to the front by the stage to dance and watch Sheryl closer. Bradley (her nephew) was one of them. Plus a little girl who sat behind me. The little girl was about 6 and had such a great time!!!! Sheryl did her thing and sang and danced with them. I saw Sheryl’s face glow even more if that’s possible. I wish I could have seen the kid’s faces. Sheryl ended with Safe and Sound (she played the piano) and then Rock and Roll. Sheryl was so energized from the night she almost killed the band playing!!!!!!! Poor Jeremy must have lost 15 € (10 pounds) in sweat all night!! The theatre was really hot and everyone there was sweaty by this time.

After the concert I was able to have a quick chat outside the buses with Jeremy. He told me Sheryl really rocked tonight (anyone there knew this)!!!!! I was then able to get a picture of Pete but was not able to talk with him. He went back in for the after show party.


Sheryl had her family and Kennett friends backstage for this party. I didn’t stay to see Sheryl who was going to be a while coming out according to the security guard

I left Memphis today and stopped by Kennett on my way back up to St.Louis.

The pool looks great!!!!! They did a very nice job of finishing it off (landscaping). The pool was closed today I guess because it was a Sunday. I had fun looking around the downtown area and see the changes going on.

I hope everyone has a chance to catch one of Sheryl’s concerts coming up. She is doing great and singing better than ever. I didn’t catch her saying the wrong words but she couldn’t because everyone was singing along all night with her!!!!! I'm so glad I made the trip down to Memphis!!!!Fantatic time!!!


PS: Gregg remember you saying Sheryl will be touring with a horse trailer behind her bus next??????

(This really was Jack Ingram's bus with his equipment trailer)