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“I have always been a gear head because of Bill Bottrell, who recorded my first album [Tuesday Night Music Club] and Detours. I learned a lot from Bill about what gear does what, and the importance of the old outboard gear that was so crucial to making some of the greatest records that ever were. I’ve always been kind of an elitist about making sure that the sounds on my records are authentic to the great record making of the ’60s and ’70s.” - Sheryl Crow

Mobile consoles with racks and audio equipment

"I've had the same gear since my third record. Everything that we need is there - we have a couple of Fairchilds, a couple of LA-2A, some really great vintage outboard gear and of course a full Pro Tools rig. I have a Neve console and a Studer, and it's all hooked up for making records" - Sheryl Crow


Nothing like the sound of an API and the glow of a few VU meters :-)

"I have a couple of API recording consoles, including a new 1608. I also have a Neve BCM 10. There’s an old Studer, but we don’t hook that up anymore. I have all the vintage gear I’ve always had, from Fairchilds to Universal Audio 1176 compressors—all old stuff I love. There’s also a roomful of guitars and basses, along with Hammonds and other keyboards—everything you can imagine. And it’s all located in a room above 10 horses." - Sheryl Crow


Notes: Sheryl has a third console, a vintage custom API. HERE's a pic taken at the old Cross Creek Farm home studio

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