In 2006 Sheryl was recruited by Pixar to compose and record the intro song of "Cars", an animation movie directed by John Lasseter.


What's the connection between Oldsmobile and Sheryl Crow? And what the hell is SmartTraks? Read HERE and you'll find out


Jeep Wrangler "Jenny" commercial
(You're An Original)


Subaru Legacy
(Everyday is a Winding Road)

Subaru Forester
(Everyday is a Winding Road)


Nascar commercial (2002)

 NASCAR Dale Earnhardt Tribute Concert (3 Songs - 2003)



Green Car Challenge (Ford Focus EV)

The “Green Car Challenge” featuring celebrities who take turns trying to best one another’s track times in a specially prepared Ford Focus-based battery car. It's a sort of variation of a "Top Gear" segment called “Star in a Reasonably Priced Car.”

Sheryl's first Crash

"When I was 17 an old lady pulled out in front of me and I hit her, just catching the end of her car with my station wagon. It was less than a year after I passed my test and I had a sprained ankle and concussion as a result.

The old lady was okay — she was driving a massive Cadillac.

I just braked as hard as I could to minimise the impact. Both cars were pretty messed up. My station wagon belonged to my father. I’m from a very small town where everyone knows everyone and within about two seconds the police were there.

The woman was very apologetic and my car was repaired on her insurance because she admitted fault. But ever since then I can remember the sound of the wheels squealing and of metal crunching." -Sheryl Crow

Sheryl at 17




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