Love Sick Flu
Live at the Greek Theater
Los Angeles, CA
September 10, 2010

Taper: Scooter123
Mikes: Schoeps mk4 > Actives
Preamp: NBox
Recorder: Edirol r-09 (@24b)
Processing: Goldwave (Volume Boost Compression 80htz Highpass Track Splitting)
Flac Conversion: Media Monkey Flac 8
Location: FOB DFC
Quality: A (Some Minor Crowd Noise)

Notes from the taper: This is slick, powerful, well-rehearsed rock and roll. This is one of the best back up bands I have seen in many years. She had two soulful back up singers, a horn section, and two drummers. This resulted in a very full, driving sound. The lead guitarist was mixed hot and this was not a mistake, as I was right in front of the soundboard. The sound is just about perfect, save and except some errant crowd noise.

Sheryl had the flu that night, so her voice is a tad raspy in parts, but she is a true professional, belting out crowd favorites and doing a full encore. I am not a fan, don't know any of her songs, but left very impressed with her and her band. If you get a chance to see her live, go for it--I really enjoyed myself.


CD 1

01. Our Love is Fading
02. A Change
03. Banter
04. Eye to Eye
05. 100 Miles to Memphis
06. Can't Cry Anymore
07. Say What You Want
08. Strong Enough
09. Long Road Home
10. Home
11. Summer Day
12. Sign My Name
13. Everyday is a Winding Road

CD 2

14. Stop
15. Roses and Moonlight
16. Band Introductions
17. If It Makes You Happy
18. Soak Up the Sun
19. Peaceful Feeling
20. All I Want to Do > Give It Up
21. I Shall Believe

TT 2:01


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Part 2--------------------------------------- [ DOWNLOAD ] (196 MB) (Tracks 07 - 12)
Part 3 ---------------------------------------[ DOWNLOAD ] (191 MB) (Tracks 13 - 18)
Part 4 ---------------------------------------[ DOWNLOAD ] (132 MB) (Tracks 19 - 21)

All tracks use lossless FLAC, linear PCM at the standard 1411 kbps (CD Audio)

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ARTWORK (by Thomas Marcuola)


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(Thanks Thomas!)