Charitiy & Activism


From the official website: Our mission is simple – to show up and help improve the lives of the children of Casa Hogar Sion in anyway we can. Long term, our goal is to purchase land and build them a new home. In the mean time there are hungry children to feed, to shelter, keep safe and send to school. Since November of 2000, Adam Smith and his wife Leigh Kilton-Smith have been traveling with a circle of friends to Tijuana, Mexico every four to five weeks to spend the weekend with the more then 100 children of “Casa Hogar Sion” orphanage.

It is here, where children, who have been abandoned or abused or neglected, have found a home, a place where they are safe and cared for, nourished and loved. It is here, where the Friends of El Faro do what they can take care of the children, and Mama Carmen and Papa Jorge and the staff, remarkable people who have created a home for children who did not have one.

Everything from cooking meals—so many meals, to drying tears, wiping noses, lots of hugs, playing games, talking, listening, breaking up fights and mediating peace; building playgrounds, changing diapers, showing outdoor movies, popping popcorn, and most importantly, letting the children know, and showing them that they are loved and cherished and important. 

Over the years, more then two hundred friends have joined us on our weekend trips and when the orphanage lost their major funding severeal years ago friends of el faro rallied to put on an annual fundraiser to raise money to take care of our children. They are all our children.


Activities: donations, charity concert

May 8, 2004