Every year for the past 17 years, fans have gotten together to give Sheryl a special gift for her birthday on February 11. The idea for the Birthday Drive originated in 2000 by a fan on Sheryl Crow's Official Fan Forum and it involves raising money for a charity Sheryl cares very much about, the Delta Children's Home (DCH).

The DCH, founded in 1966, is located in Sheryl's hometown, Kennett, Missouri, in the “bootheel” of the state (see the little map below). It operates two homes and provide an emergency shelter for children that are removed from their own home by the court system or who need shelter for other reasons (family problems, etc.). It's the only facility of its type in the area. The Delta Children’s Home is a nonprofit organization funded by community donations. You can find more info visiting the official website: www.deltachildrenshome.com

The Birthday Drive is a great way to celebrate Sheryl, her generous fans and, obviously, the Delta Children's Home itself.

Over the past years, fans from all over the world have helped the DCH by donating $ 232,000. The Fan Forum has done a great job in years past with the donations. Look at the track record:

$ 1800 (2001) $ 14.000 (2010)
$ 5841 (2002) $ 14,246 (2011)
$ 15,325 (2003) $ 13,130 (2012)
$ 13,700 (2004) $ 11,000 (2013)
$ 15,403 (2005) $ 11,836 (2014)
$ 13,443 (2006) $ 12,400 (2015)
$ 14,000 (2007) $14,127 (2016)
$ 14,786 (2008) $14,000 (2017)
$ 10,390 (2009) $18,005 (2018)

So, if you can, please consider a donation! It's for a great cause.

It's simple! There are three ways:

1. CREDIT CARD/PAYPAL: If you want to donate to the Delta Childrens Home with a credit card, it's actually pretty easy.

The Delta Childrens Home has an account with PayPal. All you have to do is go to http://www.paypal.com and set up an account for yourself, if you don't already have one. It's free to do this.  Don't worry, it's a secure server and your information is secure and is a good way to send money in a secure way.

Once you've gone to the PayPal site and logged in, click "send money". The email address to use for the donation is SherylDCH@yahoo.com.  Under currency type - leave it as US Dollars. If you are outside of the US, don't worry - it will be billed to your account in the currency that you use.

If you need to figure out how much to donate, that is, convert your currency to American dollars, a good site to use is http://www.xe.com/ucc/.

Be sure to write an email to birthdaydrive@yahoo.com and let us know how much you donated and that you donated by PayPal so we can add it to the total and you can be registered for prizes we'll be giving away. 

2. CASH: If you'd like to send currency in the mail, you can do it safely if you do the following:

Try to get the largest single bill you can to cover your donation. So instead of sending ten $1 bills, send a $10 bill or a 10€ (Euro) bill. You can send American dollars, Euros or another major currency. Remember, the Childrens Home will have to pay to have your currency exchanged, so your donation goes less far if you do this. If you can get American dollars, that's preferred.  Most banks can make a currency conversion for you.

Find a flat envelope you can't see through. Wrap your bills in a folded piece of dark colored paper or send a regular greeting card and stick it in there. Put your donor information in also (with email, please!). When you have closed your envelope you must not be able to see the money if you hold the envelope up to a strong light. The idea is that it looks like any other piece of mail, nothing special.

Send your donation to:

Delta Children's Home - Birthday Drive
P.O. Box 573
Kennett, MO 63857 USA

It's really important if you donate by mail to include your full name and address (with your email address) so we can quickly acknowledge your donation! Please send an email to birthdaydrive@yahoo.com that you donated with cash.

We will take other types of currencies as well, however, American dollars and Euros are easiest to get converted, so we’d really prefer either of those, if possible.

3. CHECK/MONEY ORDER: Americans can also donate with check or money order. It's the same address as if you're sending cash. (Sorry, we can’t cash checks from foreign banks or international money orders - the fees are too high!)

In addition, make sure that email address you use is good so we have a way to contact you if there's a problem. In your email, please indicate also how you donated (PayPal, type of cash etc.) so they can make sure they receive your donation. Please don’t forget this, it’s very important.

The Grand Prize this year is a beautiful FENDER TELECASTER, American Professional Series, Seafoam Green, Maple Neck with Fender Special Case.

Here's Sheryl with the Grand Prize


Each $5.00 donation to the Delta Children's Home is a chance to win the Gibson Sheryl is holding.


  • Two Tim Shaw-designed V-Mod single-coil Telecaster pickups
  • New Telecaster bridge with compensated brass barrel saddles for better intonation
  • New modern "Deep C”-shaped neck profile
  • Bone nut; 22 narrow-tall frets for easier bending
  • Treble bleed circuit maintains highs when reducing volume
  • Includes Elite Molded hardshell case

It's a pretty cool prize, eh? Sheryl will sign it and, if the winner wishes, will personalize it.
The prize will be shipped to the grand prize winner for free.

The drawing for the guitar will be on February 12, 2019 – the day after Sheryl hit her birthday.

Let us know about your donation at birthdaydrive@yahoo.com.

- On January 4 we will have our first drawing for a signed Live At the Capitol Theatre DVD package -

We’ll be keeping track of things on Sheryl’s Facebook page, and a couple of other Facebook pages:

Sheryl Crow Birthday Drive
Sheryl Crow Concert Forum

Send any questions to Jim Baker at  SherylDCH@yahoo.com

Good Luck and Thanks for your help!