Academy of Achievement
(inducted in 2006)

45th Annual International Achievement Summit June 1-4, 2006. Los Angeles, CA

Sally Field, US Education Secretary Margaret Spellings and Sheryl at the 2006 Summit

The American Academy of Achievement is a nonprofit organization that seeks to educate and inspire youth. It was founded in 1961 and is headquartered in Washington D.C. The academy awards leaders in the arts, business, public service, science and exploration, and sports. The academy recognizes six "keys" to success as: passion, vision, preparation, courage, perseverance, and integrity.

Each year, late in spring, the Academy of Achievement invites 50 men and women of exceptional accomplishment – 30 distinguished previous awardees and 20 new guests of honor – to share their wisdom and experience with 250 of the world's most outstanding graduate students from more than 40 countries. During the four-day "International Achievement Summit" held in one of the world’s major cities, these young leaders of tomorrow have a chance to meet and discuss issues with eminent achievers from every facet of human endeavor...the sciences, business, the professions, sports, literature, entertainment, the military, the arts, and public service.

The Academy is a non-profit organization within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. All contributions to the Endowment Fund and to the Academy itself are tax-deductible under federal law.

The Golden Plate Award

The Golden Plate Award is presented annually since 1961 by the Academy of Achievement to approximately twenty-five guests of honor at the International Achievement Summit.

Chosen by the Academy's Awards Council and other distinguished authorities, these men and women of exceptional accomplishment in the sciences, professions, business, industry, arts, literature, sports, entertainment, and public service are acclaimed ... not as winners, but as "representatives of the many who excel.

Sheryl Crow receives the Golden Plate from Summit Host Steven Spielberg

Robin Williams performs a spontaneous "Academy rap" with Sheryl Crow at the 2006 Banquet of the Golden Plate.

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